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Get to know the photographer

Yay! It's so nice to see you here!

I'm Louise and I'm an international wedding-, couples and family photographer. I live in Aarhus in Denmark and I'm not afraid to say what I mean, so you will always know where you have me. Now that we are going to be friends you might as well get some truths about me.

I'm a very adventurous girl, I love to explore new places and I say YES to the chances I get. And do you know what the best part of my job is?

To get to know so many amazing and outstanding people and get to meet you! Relationships are the most precious thing we have and the most important thing that's worth living for. So that I get to meet so many fantastic people through my work and get to capture the most precious connections and love stories is the best thing!

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You will experience, that I'm fully committed to you, your children, your love story and it feels almost like there is a little bit of my soul in every single gallery that I'm sending out.

Your family and friends will feel very comfortable, when they are in the same room as me, and you will see that I will blend in with your friends. I will be much more like a girlfriend with a camera than the photographer. And at the same time I do know how to use my camera, so that you will have the most amazing pictures!

You are gonna be super relaxed in my company and you can count on me, so you can be 100% yourself and enjoy your day to its fullest.

My favorite things (in no particular order)

  • A good glass of wine especially from Burgundy
  • My two little children and my fiance
  • Tight jeans
  • The TV series "Emily in Paris"
  • To exercise - you know, not by heavy lifting at the gym - but climbing, dancing or a long hike in the mountains, then I'm game! Are you up for a party at the dance floor?
  • Dark chocolate - my ultimate favorite snack!
  • Stunning nature and quiet moments by the sea.
  • Traveling - the more the better.
I create pictures you can feel - pictures with feelings

Pictures that will...

  • get a smile on your face
  • make you laugh
  • make you forget time and space
  • make a tear of joy run down your cheek

So are you up for some pictures, where you can almost feel the wind in your hair just looking at the picture? Pictures that show the real, touching, authentic, raw, candid and emotional moments?

Perfect! It's these feelings I take pictures of.

And those pictures are not just gonna take themself, it's important that we get to know each other so that you can be 100% yourself in front of me. You are gonna have the best time with me. So it's important that you trust me and that we vibe.

You are not gonna get pictures, where you have to stand in front of the camera saying “cheese”. You will be gently guided to get some amazing pictures with real smiles, the real you and your true feelings.

When you are sitting with your pictures in 20 years you will have the feeling of reliving the day, the feelings you had and the vulnerability you felt. This is the essence of telling your story in a trustworthy way.

So are you up for som authentic and natural images? Then you have to contact me to find out how we can make it happen

"Dear Louise,

Thank you so much, it was so perfect and you did such a good job! You have received a lot of praise! The pictures are so stunning!

Thank you so much for the most incredible day and the good effort from you."

Jannie & Morten

I always feel most alive when I'm outside my comfort zone, discover new places, new cultures and get to know new people.

Traveling is absolutely one of the things, I love the most! I have always been traveling several times a year with friends or family as well as on my own.

To be able to combine traveling and capturing your most special memories is SO incredible!

Welcome to the journey!

Your experience will look like this:

  • 100% engagement and support all the way.
  • No fake smiles.
  • You will feel both comfortable and safe with me.
  • LGBT+ loving.
  • You will get a luxurious experience with e.g. a welcome gift.
  • It will be easy for you to shine in front of the camera and have the absolutely best experience and you will be the best version of yourself.
  • True, natural pictures and in-between moments.
  • You will be gently guided and it will be fun to have your pictures taken.
  • A relaxing and calming atmosphere.
  • Your friends and family will have the best time with me as well.
  • You will receive pictures, which will reflect who you are and your story in an authentic way with an artistic twist.

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