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Go on a date and get amazing memories

A manifestation of your love

A photo shoot for you as a couple, is a way to relive the initial crush and you will remember why the two of you are so fantastic together.

You will relive and feel the deep love you have for each other and get some priceless memories.

The images will reflect the people you are today. With the journey you have been on, for what you have been fighting for and what you have given up to be right where you are today.

You will get some incredible precious memories that will capture your love for each other and your fidelity.

My style is natural, creative and warm

Your love story is unique and your pictures will not look like anybody else's.

The pictures will reflect you and your non-verbal language. It's so beautiful because of the small details, which in 20 years will bring you back in time to right where you are today.

You will receive a gallery with a lot of pictures. I love to play around with light and shadows, double-exposure pictures, the more traditional pictures, creative elements and the gallery will be a mix of pictures in colors and black/white.

"It was such a wonderful experience you have given us.

It was such an enjoyable way to have our pictures taken. We can feel both the warm and joy we have together in all the pictures."

Morten & Pernille
Are you ready to get some natural, candid pictures with intimacy and love?
A declaration of your love
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What will couples' photography be like?

We will meet up at a previously arranged location in the beautiful nature in Aarhus. We will talk, go for a walk and the most important thing is for you to relax, be together and have a good time together.

Doing the session you will get some small loving tasks, it can be playing tag and clapping your partner in the bottom or whispering your partner in the ear, what you eat for breakfast in a sexy way. You will be gently guided doing the shoot and in this way you will get some really nice pictures in motion, which will encapsulate the special bond between you.

Doesn't it sound like a super enjoyable date?

You will get an experience together and you will lose count of time while you enjoy the time together.

And the best part is, that you will receive some amazing pictures from your date you can hold on to forever. The pictures will capture

  • The way your partner looks tenderly at you.
  • The wind in the hair.
  • When your partner strokes your hair behind your ear.
  • When you are being kissed gently on the lips.

These magical moments tie the two of you together as a couple and it's these moments you will have captured in an authentic and natural way.

Do you want a fun and different experience with your partner and get a love boost?
Process and the next steps

Do you appreciate quality photography and the art of a good storyteller? Are you ready to work with me? Do you value a good connection between us? Yay! This is how to go about booking with me and the next steps in our collaboration.

  • 1.
    Send me an inquiry

    Get in touch and tell me about your expectations and wishes for our collaboration. Within 48 hours you will receive an email with available dates and more information.

  • 2.
    Secure booking

    Secure your date by paying for the photo session. This works as a booking fee. Sign the contract and let the planning begin. YES!

  • 3.
    Decide what to wear

    You will receive my clothing guide, where you can learn all about how to dress appropriately for your photo session, so your clothes will match, without being the same. You can always get my help to decide what to wear.

  • 4.
    Phone call

    If you want, we can have a phone call to discuss your wishes for the session and you can get answers to all of your questions.

  • 5.
    Receive a guide

    You will receive a guide, where you can read some advice for both before, doing and after your photo session, so you can be prepared for what to expect.

  • 6.
    Your photo shoot

    I will meet you ready to capture your love for each other. You can count on me the whole session to take real trustworthy snapshots in an aesthetic and artistic way.

  • 7.
    Receive your gallery

    Approximately 4 weeks after your session you will receive the full gallery, where you can choose your favorites.

Does it sound good? Do you want to find out how to book a couples' photography?

  • Do you have backup of our pictures?

    Yes! I will make a backup of your pictures at my server and external hard-drive. I will keep your pictures for at least two years. This means that if you lose your pictures, you can most likely get your pictures from me again.

  • How do you secure our pictures?

    I will always have two SD-cards in my camera, so that if I have an accident with one of the SD-cards you are secured in the best way possible.

  • Can I book a photo session outside of Aarhus?

    Of course! I love to travel and I'm traveling as much as possible. Just contact me and see when I'm available, I'm sure we can figure something out!

  • Do you edit our pictures?

    All of your pictures will be professional edited in my own unique style according to light, colors ect. I don't retouch humans, but if you have eg. a pimples in your face I will remove it.

  • How do you stand out from other photographers?

    I'm really good with people and know how to make you relax in my company, so you can feel both comfortable, natural and beautiful in front of me and my camera so you won't feel awkward. In many ways it will feel the same way as when you are with a friend and I will make sure you have a fun time. I guarantee you will have a lot of time to enjoy each other, look each other deep in the eyes and feel the love between you.

  • Can I book you when I'm gonna propose?

    Absolutely! It won't be the first time it happens, so you can trust it to me. I'm SO excited for you!

  • Can we have a phone call before I book with you?

    We sure can! Doing the phone call you can have answers to all of your questions right away and you can make sure that I'm the perfect photographer for you.

  • We have an idea for a theme for the photo shoot. Will that be possible?

    Yes off course! It's always possible to get your pictures taken, build around a certain theme - contact me and share your thoughts and let's brainstorm together.

  • Do you find the location for our photo shoot?

    As a rule I choose the location. I know some really beautiful spots which works perfect with my photography style. If you have a wish for a certain kind of location you are always welcome to tell me.

Are you ready for a love boost, a fabulous experience as a couple and some great pictures of your love?
Are you ready to have a fun date with your partner?