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Immortalize your big day

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I'm so happy that you want to hear more about what it's like working with me on your wedding day!

This section is to let you know what to expect, and how I work as a wedding photographer.

You're getting married, and you're looking for a photographer who can capture images that are both unique and natural.

Now that I can understand.

You'll find that hanging out with me is a relaxing, good time – which is perhaps the most important thing when going for natural wedding photos.

The photos will capture the essence of the two of you and your big day as it happens. Everything happening around you will also be preserved in pictures – your besties' speech, your parents bursting with pride, the vibe at dinner, your aunt jumping on the dance floor like there's no tomorrow.

Soulful pictures that capture all the little moments of magnificence:

  • Your partner's hand just lightly touching yours.
  • Your daughter gently pulling your hair.
  • Your partner caressing your earlobe as you kiss.

Pictures where the sun shines on you. Laughter, fond glares, tears of joy.

All that which cannot be done over. All that which deserves to be preserved. Those are the moments that connect you as people – this is what will be documented, so that you can take out the photos again and again and relive all the emotions from your wedding day.

If you go with me as your photographer, you get so much more than great photos of the grand moments and the small. Because you deserve more.

Not only will you get beautiful pictures that recall your wedding day in every detail and nuance. You will also feel incredible!

Right from the morning's preparations and until you hit the dance floor, I will make sure that you are glowing, and that you look absolutely amazing.

I'm the right choice if you wish for a photographer who can do more for you than capture amazing images; if you also want an extraordinary, luxurious experience in the company of a woman who understands you,listens to you and who will immortalize your big day in a calm, authentic way.

What are the costumers saying?
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Relive your wedding over and over with incredible photos.

Let's connect on a deeper level.

You guys are unique. Your connection is special, and your love knows no comparison.

This is exactly why it's important that you and I get to know each other before the wedding: it allows us to light up your feelings and your inner passions – to tell your unique story through the photos.

Sound good? Let's get started!

My style is natural, touching and creative.

Photography at your wedding isn't just another thing to cross off the list. You deserve pictures that tell your story in a way that's honest and reflects your relationship with each other and all the people who came to share the day.

You will receive a gallery packed full of photos that experiment playfully with lighting, shadows and exposure as well as more traditional, creative elements – all in a cheerful mix between color and black/white.

Wedding portraits are a playful experience.

The most important thing when shooting wedding portraits is that you relax – enjoying each other's company and just having fun together while taking a break from the day's busy schedule.

You'll have a chance to talk about what has happened so far – and all the things still to come. To look deep into each other's eyes, kiss and act as silly as you like.

I will guide you calmly through the photo session, making sure that each picture becomes a naturally playful, dynamic testament to your relationship.

The keyword is play, and we might come up with small, whimsy tasks – kissing your partner's shoulder, whispering the breakfast menu into your significant other's ear as erotically as you can, and other good-natured silliness, all intended to make the scenes come alive.

The process forward

Do you value professional photography and great storytelling? Is the chemistry between you and the photographer a priority? Are you ready to join forces?

Yay! In that case – here are the next steps:

  • 1.
    Find out if I'm available

    Send a request, and ill forward you my investment guide and further information within 48 hours.

  • 2.
    Let's get to know each other!

    A free, non-binding online conversation where we find out if we're a good match. Here, all your questions will be answered, we go over wedding plans, and we learn what your perfect day looks like.

  • 3.
    Secure your booking

    We agree on a final confirmation of the date, including a fee equal to 30% of the price, deducted from the end payment. The contract is signed – great! Let's get to planning!

  • 4.
    All the details covered

    We stay in touch, and together we make a timeline that will both get you amazing photos and allow you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

  • 5.
    Pre-wedding meet

    About a week before the wedding we meet up, online or physically, to review all the details. This ensures that you know with absolute certainly that you can relax on the day itself.

  • 6.
    Your wedding

    I arrive well-rested and ready as can be to document your big day. I'll be tuned in throughout the day, capturing all those beautiful and honest moments.

  • 7.
    Sneak peek

    Within the first week after the wedding, you'll get 5-10 pictures from the day to share with family, friends and guests.

  • 8.
    You'll receive your gallery

    A great opportunity for a date where you can once again cherish the big day.

  • 9.
    Album design

    I'll design your album and send it to you for review. This ensures that you don't have to break a sweat figuring out the design, risking perhaps that it never gets finished – and you will end up holding a gorgeous album in your hands, ready to bring joy to future generations.

Sound like the right choice?

  • Do you back up the photos?

    Yes! I back up your photos on a server and on an external hard drive. I also store your photos for at least two years. Were you to to lose them, chances are I'll be able to recover them for you.

  • How do you make sure that our photos don't disappear?

    I always work on two cameras, and each of those hold two SD-cards. If something happens to one camera or anything goes wrong with an SD-card, everything is as safe as can be.

  • Do you edit our photos?

    I work professionally with your photos using my signature edits – color, lighting etc. I don't retouch people, but any obvious facial impurities can of course be removed if you wish.

  • Do you travel for jobs?

    I most certainly do! Whether it's in Aarhus where I live, in Copenhagen, Norway, France, Italy or somewhere else entirely, I'm available to book for your wedding.

  • How do you differ from other wedding photographers?

    I know how to make you feel at ease and naturally beautiful in front of the camera. We'll skip the awkwardness, making you look your absolute best. I use natural lighting wherever possible, and I make sure we're having fun throughout. My guarantee is that you'll have plenty of time to enjoy one another, look each other in the eyes and nurture your love for each other as things happen.

  • How do we decide where to do portraits?

    After we've gone over your wishes, I start researching great spots for photographing the two of you. I'll find the perfect location to make the pictures turn out exactly as you want them!

  • How many wedding photos will we get?

    You'll be receiving every photo from your wedding that I think could mean something to you. On average, I deliver between 400 and 700 photos from a full-day wedding.

Let the images seal the memories that are in your heart.
Would you like to celebrate your love for each other on your big day?