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The most precious moments for the family

Do you want to get your family captured with pictures filled with love in a beautiful place in nature? Pictures that show your children's characteristics and the amazing connection you have as a family?

Scroll down to read all about how your experience is gonna be.

Your family is unique

You have a deep love for each other, a special connection and it can't be compared with others. Your history is also unique and it really deserves to be told in a truthful way.

You will get snapshots that catch the moments between you and your family when we are together. Not just the obvious moments but also the in-between moments, that's SO SO valuable:

  • When your child is pulling your hair gently.
  • When your child is laughing from the bottom of his stomach, when you throw him into the air.
  • When you pull down your child's blouse.
  • Your child's hand in yours.
  • When your child is looking excitedly at you, just before you're gonna tickle him again.

These moments are the glue in your family and they are so precious. It's these little special, everyday moments you will get pictures of. The time is passing and these pictures will help you remember all the little details and the stage your children were in at a certain point of life.

"At the same time Louise is enormously professional and both present, attentive and thoughtful.

She is setting the best conditions for a photo session by meeting the kids at eye level and she brings the best out in the family by capturing realistic snapshots."

Are you ready for some no-posed pictures of your family with a lot of presence and love with a woman who is used to juggling life with two little kids?
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On your child's terms

The photo session will be a free space with a lot of room for you as a family to just be together.

You will have an experience where you will feel loved, connected and safe.

There is room for the chaos that comes with having small children, for big arm movements, for hugs, laughter from the bottom of the belly and a lot of connection.

We will meet up in nature in Aarhus and the most important thing during the photo shoot is really just that you are together as a family. You will have fun together, while you explore nature and have your family documented.

You will get a lot of natural, graceful pictures of the magical moments that bind you together as a family.

So if that sounds like something you want, then we definitely have to get to know each other!

My style is natural, creative and warm

You will receive a gallery with pictures, where I have been playing with composition, light, shadows, creative elements and it will be a mixture of pictures in black and white and pictures in colors.

Process and the next steps

Do you appreciate quality photography and the art of a good storyteller? Are you ready to work with me? Do you value a good connection between us? Yay! This is how to go about booking with me and the next steps in our collaboration.

  • 1.
    Send me an inquiry

    Get in touch and tell me about your expectations and wishes for our collaboration. Within 48 hours you will receive an email with available dates and more information.

  • 2.
    Secure booking

    Secure your date by paying for the photo session. This is also a booking fee. Sign the contract and let the planning begin. YES!

  • 3.
    Decide what to wear

    You will receive my clothing guide where you can learn all about how to dress appropriately for your photo session, so that you will have matching clothes as a family. You can always get my help to decide what to wear.

  • 4.
    Phone call

    If you want, we can have a phone call to discuss your wishes for the session and you can get answers to all of your questions.

  • 5.
    Receive your guide

    You will receive a guide, where you can read some advice for both before, doing and after your photo session, so you can be prepared for what to expect.

  • 6.
    Your photo shoot

    I will meet you ready to capture your lovely family. You can count on me the whole session to take real trustworthy snapshots in an aesthetic and artistic way.

  • 7.
    Receive your gallery

    Approximately 4 weeks after your session you will receive the full gallery, where you can choose your favorites.

Let's capture you and your small children while they are still little right here, right now. Are you ready to find out more?

  • Do you have backup of our pictures?

    Yes! I will make a backup of your pictures at my server and external hard-drive. I will keep your pictures for at least two years. This means that if you lose your pictures you can most likely get your pictures from me again.

  • How do you secure our pictures?

    I will always have two SD-cards in my camera, so that if I have an accident with one one of the SD-cards you are secured in the best way possible.

  • Can I book a photo session outside of Aarhus?

    Of course! I love to travel and I'm traveling as much as possible. Just contact me and see when I'm available, I'm sure we can figure something out!

  • Do you edit our pictures?

    All of your pictures will be professional edited in my own unique style according to light, colors ect. I don't retouch humans, but if you have eg. a pimples in your face, I will remove it.

  • Can we have a phone call before I book with you?

    We sure can! Doing the phone call you can have answers to all of your questions right away and you can make sure that I'm the perfect photographer for you and your family.

  • How do you stand out from other photographers?

    I have small children myself and therefore I know all about how life with children can be extremely beautiful, incredible, hard, confusing and chaotic. Normally children will feel safe with me very quickly. Because of that, you will enjoy the time together as a family and forget that I'm taking pictures. In many ways it will feel the same way as when you are with a friend. You will have some quality time with each other, you will forget time and place and just have fun together as a family without digital interruptions.

  • Do you find the location for our photo shoot?

    As a rule I choose the location. I know some really beautiful spots which works perfect with my photography style. If you have a wish for a certain kind of location you are always welcome to tell me.

Do you want the time captured while your children are still small? Great! Hit the bottom and let the magic begin.
Do you want just as beautiful pictures with your family?